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Rose Parade Float Decoration

Volunteer Opportunities


Everybody loves a parade and we can’t do this without you!

We love that you want to be part of the team that helps us take the final steps to celebrate our community in the Pasadena Tournament of Roses New Years Day Parade!

We have a number of areas that we need volunteers for and they are listed below. Please read through the descriptions and push the button to register for where you think you best fit.

And YES, you absolutely can register for as many as you want.

We do have some simple rules to keep us all safe and sane:

1. Anyone under the age of 13 needs to stay with a responsible adult at all times, and both feet of the child must stay on the pavement. One adult can supervise up to 2 kids.

2. We expect you to model exemplary conduct and to follow the directions of our Team Leaders and our
Decorating Site Rules

3. Stay focused on your job so that we are effective as a team

4. We do reserve the right to excuse you from the Deco Site

5. We will have snacks, water and established meal times for volunteers working longer shifts

Once you register for a shift you will receive a confirmation email with a link to our Code of Conduct and the Release of Liability. Please complete this document and bring it with you to the site when you start your first shift. It is required for you to work on the float.

This is a link to the form if you want to review it now Release Form

So with that here we go -

Front Desk Greeters

They are responsible for checking you into the site and collecting the appropriate documents.



Their main jobs are:
* Prepping the leaves, bark and flowers
* Stick the seeds and flowers on the float

You can get messy!



These are the people that have a deeper knowledge about the float can provide small group tours or be on site to answer questions from observers.


Merchandise "Floatique"

Working with our team leader to sell our float related collectable merchandise to members and the public



These are the people that assist with the setting up, serving and cleaning up after meal times


Set Up & Breakdown Crew "

We need strong people who will set it up and break down all of the Under The Bridge infrastructure so that the float can worked on for Deco Week (our beloved "Trolls")


Maintenance Crew

We need folks to provide support to the project. This means any or all duties from moving equipment, dumping trash, hanging signs, moving tarps, to owning a broom!


Advanced registration for decorating shifts is now closed


If you wish to decorate and don't have a registration, walk-ins will be taken based on availability at the start of each shift (Night shifts have the most capacity)

Shift Times:
12/22-23- 9am-3pm
12/24: 9am-1pm
12/26-12/31: 8:30am-1:30pm, 1-6pm, 5:30pm-10pm
1/1: 8:30am-1:30pm

Please print and complete the linked 
Volunteer Decorator Release Form and bring it with you.

There are many other non-decorator jobs that still need to be filled

We need you all now more than ever, so where do you fit in best?